Day 1

Whenever we talk to organizations about social media intelligence, analytics and metrics, it always starts with them asking a laundry list of questions.  Who’s engaging with us on social media?  How can we characterize sentiment? Is our social media strategy working?  How do we calculate ROI?  How many re-tweets and mentions is good?

This laundry list of questions is common in organizations that have just starting thinking about social media intelligence but have not yet figured out how to prioritize, organize or interpret the data from their social media monitoring efforts. They are being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data and metrics these monitoring efforts produce.

What we tell organizations is to stop measuring what’s easy to measure and start thinking about what’s important to measure.  What is your organization’s strategy and what are your objectives?  With strategies and objectives as the starting point, look for the appropriate metrics and analyses to help answer the questions, and don’t let the data and metrics drive your questions.

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