Social Media Intelligence

In the world of Facebook, Twitter and Yelp, water-cooler conversations with co-workers and backyard small talk with neighbors have moved from the physical world to the digital arena. In this new landscape, organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies to political campaigns continuously monitor online opinions in an effort to guide their media intelligence book

  • Are consumers satisfied with our product?
  • How are our policies perceived?
  • Do voters agree with our platform?
  • Measuring online opinion is more complex than just reading a few posted reviews.

Social media is replete with noise and chatter that can contaminate monitoring efforts. By knowing what shapes online opinions, organizations can better uncover the valuable insights hidden in the social media chatter and better inform strategy.

This book can help anyone facing the challenge of making sense of social media data to move beyond the current practice of social media monitoring to more comprehensive use of social media intelligence.

  • Discusses a wide range of applications with examples and case studies drawn from consumer brands, political campaigns and celebrity image management
  • Rich in both the theoretical foundations and the practical applications related to social media behavior and marketing
  • Uses the science of opinion to better understand social media behavior, metrics and strategy

Social Media Intelligence Book: Table of Contents

Social Media Intelligence by Wendy Moe and David SchweidelPart I. Foundations:

  1. The beginnings of social media intelligence
  2. Fundamentals of opinion formation

Part II. Online Opinion or Online Noise:

  3. Why do we share our opinions?
  4. The social effects of strangers

Part III. Conversational Trends:

  5. Opinion ecosystems and the evolution within
  6. Are social media fragmenting the population?

Part IV. Social Media Intelligence:

  7. Managing the social media community for better social media intelligence
  8. Cutting through the online chatter
  9. Intelligence integration
10. Building social media intelligence into our strategies
11. Moving from social media monitoring to social media intelligence.

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